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Default Re: Trasher 10, a PT utility app for Windows users

Ok so in my case I have drive structure thus;

Raid-1, Drive 0 - 3 partitions
C:/ (50gb) Operating system files only (win7 x64 Ult). The RTAS stuff is on there right now as well but that is the topic of another post.
D:/ (40GB) temp files drive. (windows swap file, various app use if for storing temporary files)
E:/ (360GB) Application data drive only. This is where ProTools is installed but the installer has splattered files to C:/ as well which I am attempting to rectify. I wish that when one tells an installer to install an application to E:/ that it would at least give one an option to choose to NOT clutter the OS drive with stuff and to indeed put ALL of the application on E:/...

RAID-0, Drive 1 - 1 Partition
F:/ (1 TB) Project files, audio/video files, recording and playback occurs on this drive

Where does the TRASHER utility reside in the above instance? There is no "documents" folder on E:/. Protools is "installed" to E:/ drive. Docs folder is on C:/ drive with the OS. just FYI...
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