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Default Re: Anyone who has replaced a ProControl fader...

Usually the reason that a fader becomes 'dead' or inactive is because the black rubberband that is wrapped around two pulleys in the fader/motor assembly snaps prematurely

Very EASY to change a fader...(trust me...I've had to change quite a few!)

When you receive your new fader, in the package you should recieve a complementary Hex wrench and a 10" wooden stick. Use the Hex wrench to unscrew ALL the tiny screws that hold down the top plate of the fader bank that houses the bad fader.

Once you've taken about all the screws, you'll need some sort of tiny flat-head screwdriver to gently 'pry' open the faderplate (from the bottom between the plate and the armrest)...this is sorta like Popping the Hood on your Car.

Once you've rasie the plate about 10" inches, used the wooden stick to hold up the faderplate....again, sorta like the rod that holds up the Hood of your car while your working on the engine.

Locate the bad fader and disconnect the ribbon cable. From the top of the fader plate, Unscrew the 2 screws that secure the fader.

Replace the bad fader....and then reassemble everything that you just dissembled.

Total time to change a fader about 5 minutes.
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