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Default Re: Is there an upgrade from PT12 to PT12 HD?

Originally Posted by Chingy View Post
The way the math works out, it might not become valuable than it is right now. For people that buy it right now, it only would cost $599 to upgrade to 12 HD. But in the new year, it'll be $999 for them (on top of what you sell the license for). Say you wanted to sell at $1200, once they include the $999 upgrade fee, they are starting to approach 50% of the cost of an HD Native + Omni system (except then they get hardware and all the benefits that go along with that). Software-only is a better deal overall of course, but is HD worth $2200 to somebody?

I ended up deciding not to sell my HD license though because compared to the annual vanilla price, I'm not spending that much more after the first year (~$40 per year - $399 vs $360) to keep it up to date.
I agree it's worth more now, that's why I hope I to sell it before the end of the year.

As for the rest of your maths though, I don't quite understand. For someone not interested in support or a few bonus rented plugins, the annual vanilla renewal fee is $99 as opposed to $399 for HD. That's $300 difference per year, not $40!

Plus factor in the "one off" joining fee of $99 vanilla or $599 HD, and that's a significant difference.

Add in the fact that, in my case, my vanilla licenses are already on 12 with a support plan until October 2016 as a free student upgrade, and the cost is even more stark. To keep vanilla up to date say until October 2018 is $198, but to keep HD up to date until November 2018 (if I buy the upgrade now) is $1397.

That's enough of a difference to make me stop and think.

Does anyone have advice re selling my HD License? Is it allowed on buy and sell here on the DUC? Should I just put it on ebay? Reserve price a good/bad idea?I'm a pretty experienced ebay buyer but I've never sold anything there. Any other pitfalls I should know about other than Avid's transfer fee. Other ideas?
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