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Default Re: Much more CPU usage since 19.5

YES. I only checked on DUC because I'm getting occasional crackling distortion on playback and laggy drums on EZ Drummer 2.

My system is 32GB i7 Windows 10, 500GB SSD and 1TB 7200 HD. All via Focusrite 2i4.

The CPU meter Total "System usage" shows 50-100% busy EVEN WHEN NOTHING PLAYING!!!!

The 8 cores are shown as a usage pyramid ... 1 & 8 very low, with increases up to core 4 in the middle which is ALWAYS above 70% ... even when nothing playing.

The session has just FOUR audio tracks.

When NO SESSION is open, all cores are showing 3-10% activity, with the TOTAL bar showing 50-77%.


This is shocking.
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