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Default Re: committing elastic audio in 7.4 is it fixed yet

I HAVE had problems (artefacts, etc) after committing even since cs2. Best to check everything you're committing carefully.
What kind of artifacts are you getting?
same kind of stuff I'd been getting since 7.4. warbles that weren't there in the real-time version, occasional pops, etc. Not that I've spent a lot of time trouble shooting or testing, but it seems like sometime the x-form actual turns out worse than the regular rendered EA. I'm pretty much just leaving everything in real-time at this point, and using EA judiciously. Hell, sometimes the old chop and nudge technique is still simpler and better!
I've also been having problems in 7.4cs2.

Working on a 12 track drumset
All drums are grouped together
Tempos are around 160
Using Rhythmic RT
In .5-1 minute sections
Track recorded to the PT click

What happens is every once in a while it'll just randomly shift 1 track of the drum group to the wrong beat. Last time it happened it shifted the bottom snare mic one 8th note or so for 2 measures. There was 4 of these "mistakes" in a 30 sec section.

That said the project I'm working on has 2 drummers and I'm not sure how I would have gotten the results I'm getting without EA. Especially in the same amount of time.

EA is awesome...I love using it. I can't wait for future updates to it that make it rock solid.

As a side note I also feel that EA "smears" the phase of grouped drum tracks. Digi came right out and said that EA was a complicated algorithm and that some shift WILL happen which is resonable, but it'd be great if they could research a way to do time shift while maximizing the integrity of the source.

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