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Default Re: Monitor (parallel master track) Like MixBuss

Ok try this:

1. Select all your tracks, hold down option and on the output assignment button choose "Send to new track..."

2. In the dialog box choose to send it all to a new Stereo Aux channel, and name it "Mix".

3. This should have created a new Aux return also called "Mix", this is your mix master fader and here is where you put any master processing such as compression or limiting.

4. Now on your "Mix" channel, click on the output button and again choose "Send to new track...." (this time have ONLY the Mix channel selected, no other channels). Send the output of the Mix channel to a new Stereo master fader or Aux Channel and call it "Monitor"

5. Now you should have a new Monitor channel with a fader which you can use to control monitor level.

6. Again choose the output of the "Mix" master fader and once again choose "Send to new track...". This time in the dialog choose a Stereo Audio Track and call it "Print". This will send the mix to your print channel pre Monitor fader.

7. Now, all you need to do is once again go to the "Mix" fader's out put and hold down the modifier key (Command or Control, I can't recall which) to choose additional outputs - once you have done this you can again choose the "Monitor" bus. So in essence your "Mix" channel needs to feed both the Monitor path and the Print path, with the Monitor path having a fader on it.

8. On your "Print" audio track, assign the output path to "Monitor" and mute the track.

9. When you are ready to print, record arm the "Print" track and record away (with the Print track still muted).

10. To hear back your printed track, unmute the "Print" track and solo it (otherwise you will hear the live mix PLUS the print track).

Hope this helps!

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