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Default Monitor (parallel master track) Like MixBuss

I was checking out Mixbuss and in the end, I am staying with PT12 for now.

However, there was a very useful feature that I am sure can be done here but I hope someone can help me understand how.

Instead of having just your main master (and subs/busses), there is the ability in MB to place another track to the right of the master and the routing follows that the master remains the master for rendering but for audio out, it feeds the monitor track and the monitor track feeds audio outs.

The advantage is that my interface master levels can be up, allowing for my outboard gear to function well, and I can use the monitor track in MB or PT to attenuate the listening level.

Has anyone done this? I realize that to some, it will seem redundant and the response might be (turn your box down). I do have a reason for not doing so.
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