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Default Problem Eleven rack with tube amp

Hello everyone (sorry my bad english), I recently bought an Eleven Rack and a tube amp (Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III). I tried to connect them to each other through the 4 cables method in this way:

Guitar -> 11R Guitar input
11R Effect Send -> Tube amp Input
Preamp Out (send amp) -> 11R Effect Return
11R Output to Amp 1 -> Power amp in (return amp)

I read in various posts that to use the eleven rack only for its effects I have to set the "Output to Amp" to "Amp Input" and if I wanna use the Eleven Rack as preamp and use my guitar amp just for power and speakers I have to set the ''Output to Amp'' to ''Amp Output''. I tried both of the methods but the sound is really bad, also when active FX Loop and i set to 100% can not hear anything. Can anyone tell me step by step what should I do? An example of 11R virtual signal chain for both cases? Thank you all

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