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Default Re: Control|24 and ProControl with Pro Tools 11?

Originally Posted by skylab001 View Post
snip ... if I could use my Control24 with PT11 or 12 etc., I would be more willing to invest in other new Avid hardware and software ... snip
Exactly. Myself and many others feel exactly the same way. I will never invest in any Avid hardware again until someone at the company addresses this issue.

They claim that they cannot (read will not) convert a simple 591KB driver file to 64-bit code - while simultaneously bloating the software from only 246.1 MB (Pro Tools 10.3.10) to over 1.82 GB (Pro Tools 12.7.1). This tells you everything about the development team, and governing executives.

I am having zero problems running Pro Tools 10.3.10 with my Pro Control to this day. I have an incredibly powerful Mac tower, with Accel cards and additional UA DSP hardware. Clients are always blown away by how well designed the Pro Control is. Its ergonomic and aesthetic design blows away everything since. On the S3 they put the track "Select" and "Record Arm" buttons between the faders ! Look at this close-up photo of the S3 ...
S3 Close-Up

This speaks volumes about the current hardware design teams - and their lack of consulting real-world professional users.
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