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Default Re: Sound output 001/ various newbie problems

huh, guess this forum tracks yr ip computer to computer.
i'll be panda on this one.

monitor button is not pushed in.
faders are up, tracks are not muted.
OS is formatted to extended/HFS+

when starting up the "salvation" demo,
i first get:

"the orginal disk allocation for this session can not be used.
One or more drives could not be found or are invalid for this session.
As a result, disk allocation must be modified. Would you like
to verify the new disk allocation?"

buttons "check disk allocation" and "no" which blinks...

then when pressing "no"...

"306 files are on volumes unsuitable for playback. would you like
to copy them to a suitable volume?"

buttons "no" and "yes" which blinks...

press "yes", and no matter where I try to save them I get,

"name of HD" is not an audio playback volume"

I have only one hard drive, no partitions of that drive, with no classic, just 10.2.8

I know problems in the setup configuration of software somewhere.
But, like I said, All i've done is connect the digi 001 (all conections are good),
loaded the Pro tools software and some setup configurations, only within protools.
Could it be that I'm not making a connection with the audio/midi panel on the mac?

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