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Default Re: List of prefs and other files to toss on PT11

Thanks so much SS.

I found that just after I posted the question. It worked, but when I restarted after deleting the folder, I could not select any inputs on my DIGI 003R. That freaked me out.

The Audio/MIDI panel was open and I found I had to re-select the DIGI 003R there. Then go to the Pro Tools I/O screen and choose "Default" for the input. As soon as I selected Default, I had inputs I could choose.

So, minor weirdness, but I'm cooking again. We'll see if this corrects some of the weird stuff that 11 has been tossing me since I switched to it about 5 months ago. Come to think of it, tossing prefs, etc. was something I was used to doing several times a year after Pro Tools got a little wiggy.


Ty Ford
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