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Default Re: Pro Tools 7.4 works on Leopard (warning, upgrade gotcha)

[/QUOTE] I'm just curious what made you think that was the place to put them.


That's easy, my rational for putting the files there was based on an assumption that the Database Engine needed the session files to be located in the Databases folder in order to 'see' those files.....okay so that turned out to be wrong <sigh>

[/QUOTE]The Digidesign Databases are temporary folders created by the program on every hard drive connected to the system, and usually are deleted when upgrading software. It is also recommended to delete them manually from time to time, as they may become corrupted. It is never recommended to store sessions there. Ever.


So I discovered......

[/QUOTE]More information about the Digidesign Databases can be found starting on Page 7 of the DigiBase Guide (also available from the help menu in the program). THough it never explicitly says "don't put your audio sessions here", most of the information implies that these folders are for the program's use only.

It is recommended that session files be stored on a separate physical disk. That recommendation is made in the Getting Started Guide for all products, the Pro Tools Reference Guide, on every compatibility page, and every general troubleshooting recommendation.


And I very specifically bought a separate drive for that purpose. When I mounted it and pointed a new session file at that drive I discovered that a Database folder had been created on that drive as well, which led me to think that the Database folder was the natural place for a session file. As you yourself pointed out there is no information which states not to put files there.

Thanks for pointing out where my error was. I'm happy that it wasn't a bug.

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