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Default Re: 550$ CDN for used Pro Tools 12.4

I can get a USED PT 11 at 350$ but I still need to pay 400$ CDN to get back on the support plan ! so almost the regular instore price here in Canada

I was looking at this, that the web store PMF Media was talking about :

399.99$ US by today exchange is about 535.59S CDN it look legit all I need is to get a iLOK from a music store here in Canada

PLEASE NOTE: Pro Tools REQUIRES an iLok 2, You will get a Perpetual License (Never Expires)

Includes 1-year Annual Upgrade Plan, which provides access to all new Pro Tools releases, renewable annually for $99/year. Plus, you get access to an amazing collection of bonus plug-ins—included free for the first year.

Any Comment on this vendor ?
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