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Default Fight for the Pre amps!

I just got a drum set and I got mics to record them. I'll tell you what my setup is, but I would like to know which are the most important mics that should go through my avalon 2022 dual mono pre and my millenia stt-1 then through by apogee psx100se. The rest will be going through my focusrite pre's on my Control 24, and then through the converters on my 192.

Kick drum - Shure beta 52 mic
Snare top - Shure beta 57 mic
Snare bottom - Shure beta 57 mic
Toms (4) - Seinheisser MD421 mics
O/H's - B.L.U.E. Blueberry condensor mics
(Optional) Ride & Hi-hat - Nuemann 184 condensor mics

So what mics deserve to go to my avalon 2022 and millenia? Right now I'm thinking the blueberry's should go through the avalon 2022 and the kick/snare should go to the millenia.

How important is it to mic the ride and hi-hat? Is it neccessary with the o/h mics? Should I just mic the hi-hat?

I just bought these Seinheisser MD421 mics and they keep on sliding off the damn clips. It's CRAZY!!! Are there special clips that one could by that would lock the mics onto them?

Lastly, if anybody could point me towards any forums or articles about micing drums and getting good sounds off them, that would be great. Or if any one you could share your own info about micing drums, that would be cool to.
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