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Hello everybody,

It has been long, but it's an happy news : YES the fader that the manufacturer sent me is fully compatible with my D-command ("blue" one, first generation) !

And furthermore, this new fader can be mixed with the old ones (original ones) !
The reference is RSA0K11V901B.
[ RSA0K11V901B CP-Motorfader 10KB T-Lev touch/10VDC corless motor with cable RoHS-compliant ]

And this new fader is better than the original ones. I mean, just with the Utility → Test → Fader → Cycle's test I can tell which one is the new (while looking carefully) because that's the only one which has a really smooth and homogeneous motion.
It doesn't has twitch/spasm, like the other ones have.

It does not have the same noise too. It seems a little bit quiet for little movements, but maybe a little bit more noisy for big and quick moves.

And it's really, really more comfortable at use. With closed eyes, testing one by one the faders you can spot directly which one is the new one.
I tried to record the same automation with my index finger and major finger at the same time, one an the new fader, the other on the old.
The result in the automation volume view is that the new one is more precise for little movements. Making very little up-down returns, the new one record tiny bigger differences than the old one.

The manufacturer told me that this model has very good motors, very sensitive. Quicker than the old ones.

There is just one thing to know to get them work. The motor can work in two ways. I mean you can switch the + and the – of the power.
If you plug it the way it is cabled, when you receive it, it won't work. But you just have to switch the two cables of the power of the motor and it works !

I just ordered for 24 of the faders, I will just change all the faders of our D-command because this new model is more enjoyable.

First, before I switch the + and – of the motor, I call the manufacturer for help. He told me too that he has an another reference with the same type of motor than the original faders.
Guess what's the reference... RSA0K11V900C, so the original ones it seems... But we won't buy them; even if they are cheaper.
I asked if there is maybe better ones than the one he sent me ; he told me there is not. The one he sent me is high-quality.

Anyway, here is the name of the brand : it's ALBS (and not ALPS, very similar I know).
Website :

Brans is in Germany but I was in contact with the “Paris Office” (obviously the french office).
The man at the french office is Jean-Marie Gouzčnes. His mail is (you can find it on the website).
Very kind person who has been very helpful for all of this. Thanks to him !

Usually he told me they don't sell few pieces like that, it's more like at least 200 pieces. I asked him if I could give his contact on this forum and said he would be very happy to help other people/studios. So he's okay to send smaller quantity. ;-)

Again, the new better model is RSA0K11V901B, 100% compatible with old faders in an old generation “blue” D-Command. I tried it, an an another studio in Paris too (that's this studio who tell me to switch + and – on the motor).
You should have it around 50€.

The manufacturer, ALBS, told me he has the RSA0K11V900C model too, which seems to be the original model of fader in the old D-commands. I didn't tried this one. I know it's cheaper ones.

Well, I hope all of this helped ! See you !
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