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Default New build Win10- i7 9700K - HDX - PT12HD. Help, advise

Getting my HDX-1, omni, PT12HD in May. I Couldn't find any 9th generation HDX builds

Win10-PTHD12- HDX1
i7-9700K -$440
Gigabyte Z390 GAMING X rev.1 $150
DDR4- 64Gb (4x16) Crucial Ballistix Tactical 3000 MHz $400
peripherals (m.2. SSD. heatsink. case) $800

1- Any general experience, Suggestions or feedback from someone using 9700k HDX is appreciated

2- The motherboard has a 128Gb ramm potential. Is it recommended to go past 64Gb?

3- I would like at some point to connect my old 192i/o to the omni from the digilink expansion port. Question: The correct type of digilink cables to accomplish this will be: mini digilink (male: into the omni) to regular digilink(male: into the 192i/o)


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