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Default Replace clip in 11HD is greyed out

I have to conform a trailer edit that was done by the director in premier (exported as OMF) using stereo stems - DX, FX, MX of the full film into a surround edit using the surround stems from the full film. Both the stereo and surround stems are the same length, .wav, 24bit etc.

I have PT11.1.3HD but using 3rd party hardware. When I right click on any clip in the clip list, replace clip is greyed out. All except the video file.

To get around the possible 2ch to 6ch incompatability I duplicated the stereo track of each stereo stem 3 times then dragged all 3 tracks into a 5.1 track. I then tried to cntrl+drag the surround stem from the clip list over one of the new pseudo surround (from stereo) clips but the replace clip dialog box wont come up either.

Is this possible. Is there a better method? I have and OMF and an EDL of the trailer edit, I delivered all the original final audio.

Im in windows 8.1 pro 64bit
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