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Default Re: 2019.10_ Video starts then goes black


Unfortunately I must say the new video engine has still problems.
It is better now and I could work with h264 codec, although if this is not as fast as it is with DNX codec

I have blackmagic cards and had the same problem at the beginning.

Maybe vou have tried the following.

There is a setting on the video track where you can switch from progressive to interlaced and you als can switch to draft and back to full resolution. Sometimes the engine looses the setting and then I have top toggle again.

On the other machine where I use desktop video there is the problem when you switch videotracks the new selected videotrack is black. I have to nudge 1 Frame and the video starts. Bad when comparing video edits between different tracks.

Other problems:
When doing audiosuite or loop playbacks the video goes black.
I have to toggle video offline/online to get it working again

It could also happen that after extensive looping this part of the video plays forever even if you play at a new timecode.

3x PT HD Ultimate 2019.10 6/12-Core Westmere/ 48 GB / OS 10.12.6 / 96 I/O / 192 I/O / Omni / BM Intensity Pro (Driver 11.4.1)
1x PT 2019.6 / MacMini Server late2011 / 16 GB / OS 10.13.6 / 002

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