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Default Re: Pro tools 8 M-Powered, which audio interface

Hello Neil. I have been using an m-Audio NRV-10 FW mixer as an interface. I only needed it because I use analogue inputs from my keyboards as well. I also use an fasttrackpro usb interface. There is little latency when using 2 or 3 tracks but it creeps up with each track. Newer versions of protools don't require an m-audio interface, but the crossgrade is quite expensive. There are some m-audio midi-controllers that serve as the interface, as well as some non-m-audio FW midi controllers. It depends on how fancy you need your midi controller to be. I have not used cubase, so I can't comment on what you would be changing to, but the voices available on protools 8.05 are nothing to be sneezed at.
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