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Default Re: Noisy PCI expansion chassis - upgrade with quiet fans?

Okay, the 13 slot chassis is almost entirely silent. I paid $7.99 each for the 3 92mm front fans(antec tri-cool 3speed fans) and about $20 for the 120mm fan for the G4. I can't hear any of them at all, and they all feel like they move just as much air as the old ones did. The power supply that I had in the chassis is quiet enough for me(it's not the original). I can't hear it at all unless my face is right by the back of the chassis. So I'd definitely say this is a totally worthwhile upgrade. All I need to do now is grab an 80mm fan or a new power supply for the G4 and I'll be set.

Thanks for all the advice everyone has given me, this was really worth doing, I can't wait to get everything back together and start working in peace and quiet.
I'm a big fan of quiet systems and my current Quad is for all practical purpose dead silent. It sometimes take a little trial and error but in the end the results can be very satisfying.

The expansion chassis has 92mm fans? thats good to know.

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