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Default Re: PT M-Powered and Windows 10 ?

Originally Posted by sv_guy View Post
So does pro tools m-powered work on windows 10? Iím using pro tools first to play back some pro tools 5.1 le files, but there are no plugins on PT first. I just want to be able to play my old songs on my PC. Currently those songs are on an old G4 os9 mac. My PC has a Delta 2496 card so thatís why Iím thinking PT m powered. Thanks for the help,
I would consolidate all the audio and export it. Then import into any current DAW and mix to your heart's content.

Also, since the sessions you wish to retrieve are on a Mac, they may well be saved in SD II file format(which no Windows machine will read). If you can open them on the old Mac, then you could go to File>Save Session Copy>check the box to enforce Mac/PC compatibility and convert to wave file format(I keep an old G4 in the closet just for this sort of thing)

But wait! There's MORE. Skip M-Powered because ever since PT9 was released, you should be able to use the Delta card with any newer version of Pro Tools
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