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Default Video card recommendations for new PTHD AND video editor build...

I'm not in a big hurry, but am starting to research components for a new PTHD build with a video card that will handle fairly heavy video editing's the tricky part...WON'T make my Pro Tools life a living hell. :)

For now, I'm on PTHD 9.x and may or may not go to PT10...still suffering a bit from sticker shock.

Can any of you recommend a fast, powerful video card built for serious video editing that also plays nice with PTHD on Win 7 64 bit?

Also, I have an HD3 rig with the original PCI PT cards. Is my best bet at this point to get a 64 bit magma chassis and just connect it to my new computer build? I ask this because I'm assuming most new, high end mobo's aren't going to have pci slots for these cards.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated as I've noticed the sticky at the top is very outdated for recommended components.

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