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Default Re: Does 11R come with a full Pro Tools version

Originally Posted by mrgroovy View Post
After a few weeks waiting from returning my 11R with no expansion and PT8 back to Sam Ash, I received my new 11R from from them. Unfortunately, it was the same thing as the first one!!! - 11R - no expansion - PT 8. Sam Ash said send it back again. After pulling hair out I called the local Guitar Center and they said they had one - indeed when I got there it said Expansion Pack. So - when I get home this is what was in the box and leads to my question. It caame with ILok, some cables, and only one disc that is titled 'Avid Audio Device Drivers". On small letters it say s version 9.0.2 - includes Avid drivers for USB, Firewire, HD and control service devices. I do not see a set of discs like the 11R that came with 8. It also has a Pro Tools Activation card which states I need to use the Ilok smart key and the activation code on the card to download and activate a copy of Pro Tools software. I suppose that I download PT 9 from Avid correct? No discs involved. And then I suppose I can upgrade to PT9 yes?
Yes. You will register the cards and will have PT9 and PT10 deposited in your Avid account so you can download it. You will also need to make an iLok account (do this first) name it something that is easy to remember because you will need to tell Avid this name so the iLok PT licenses go to the correct account.

Dont use the drivers on the Disc, just download them here:

Driver Downloads and Updates for Pro Tools and Standalone

That way you will be certain you have the latest drivers.

Good luck.
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