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Default Exporting Mono File to a Stereo Interleaved File


I know this has been addressed in the past, but I couldn't find the old thread. Also, I would like to know the answer for current PT software, i.e. 7.3 thru 7.4.

Upon clients request, no matter how pointless technically, they want some mono voice-overs delivered as a stereo file. As soon as I heard this I remembered doing this process before. Export-Region-As.. allows you to choose Stereo-Interleaved, but in fact, the result is still a single channel file. I know PT is probably recognizing the fact that its a mono file (even when its duplicated onto a stereo track) and doing the " smart " thing and keeping it mono, cuz yes, making a mono file into a stereo-interleaved file is just wasted space.

However, clients want what they want and Im not going to try to explain the technical aspects behind. I just want to deliver what they are asking. Is there a way I can do this within Protools? Making a stereo track and changing the file names to .L .R? (Not at a rig now so haven't been able to test). Maybe I'm missing something, but it still seems like PT will handle mono files or duplicate mono files as MONO, and regardless of selecting " Stereo Interleaved ", the exported file is still single channel.

Any ideas, insight?

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