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Default Re: Plugin Alliance insanity

Jack / That is the exact same copy/paste message he posted on FB to calm down the crapstorm and try and divert some of the hostile posters away from blaming him alone even though he own PIA as he mentions many times in the FB posts.

It is really unfair for those Heavy Hitters and those of us who owns 90-100 of the PIA stuff to only get like 20-30 dollars less off the yearly price so tvis only make sense if you own 5-10 of their plugins or none. Then this is a really great deal but I understand why people are pissed off having spent thousands on 80-100 plugins and only get like 10-15% off the full price which is BS for sure!!!

Thank the Lord we only buy hardware these day and stopped messing with these developers and these neverending subscription deals they think everyone wants.

I wanna be able to open sessions 5 years from now without having to pay to get the plugins we ”rented” at the time so only perp plugins if we find rare stuff we want to buy.
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