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Default Re: Pro Tools 2019 on Windows

Originally Posted by 64GTOBOY View Post
Install on top of. Have been using App manager and now Avid Link for every iteration since 12.1.

Sometimes it takes a few restarts for all the plugins to load, but not since the 12.8 update IIRC.

This is on two laptops and one desktop, FWIW.
Good to know we can install 2019.6 on Windows 7 (even though it’s “not supported”).
Appreciate your reply – thanks!
Pro Tools 2019.6/10.3.10 and 12.5.1 HD - Studio One 4 Pro - Win7 64 Ultimate (SP1) – Lenovo W520 ThinkPads & 433830U Docks – Mbox 3 Pro - Axiom Pro 49 - AIR Mini 32
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