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Default Re: Eleven Rack Output to Amp buzz

Originally Posted by antonis View Post
I'll check it out Devil, thanks for that. But it is my opinion that this is a bit of "a patch on top of the wound". Sure the hum would be eliminated but I didn't buy an Eleven Rack to have a problematic output. And definitely not to spend a for another unit that might be solving a manufacturing issue .
With all due respect: It's still your responsibility to deal with any system integration issues. If ground leakage from your amp is causing a hum, that's certainly not Avid's problem.

If the bad jack is the root cause, Avid will apparently send you a replacement for the asking.

Other people's experience using similar configurations provides no useful diagnostic information. We've read your details and are trying our best to offer helpful advice.

I see opportunities for you, not problems...
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