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Default Re: Eleven Rack Output to Amp buzz

Originally Posted by antonis View Post
My gigging amp is a Fender Stage SE 112 but as said I've tried it with other amps as well.

Again as said above, I am going to what is called Power Amp In on the Fender Stage SE. That means bypassing the amplifier preamp section.

Oh boy, that thread is really frustrating. I am having a really bad day and this doesn't really help at all.....Read my postings before you reply man.

I am asking you this simple thing: Do you use your Out to Amp outputs? If yes, do they hum? If so, could you please share this with me? If no, do let me know if you like and I will genuinely be happy for you man...
Fender Stage SE 112, oh well I wont' ask questions about when the valves where last replaced

Many people use the Eleven Rack amp1/2 outputs. I certainly have, but would use the Eleven Rack FX loop out normally into any amp with a FX loop return like yours has. I can get just about any guitar amp to hum if say I turn up the guitar-amp preamp gain. So say with a Fender Blues Jr. (no FX loop) it will hum more but if I'm going into my Fender Deluxe III Hot Rod its easier to set up and I use the FX loop return and the FX Loop out on the Eleven Rack. Again I can "hear hum" if I crank things but nothing at all objectionable/for a guitar amp run loud.

Its often hard to understand different people's description of hum or noise or what some people object to and others might not.

If you want more help here instead of posting in multiple places and expecting people to find and read all that info, how about them about you pull together a clean explanation of what exactly you have done, folks here want to help you but probably have better things to do than waste time finding then reading whatever you have posted in the past in other threads.

If you are going into a line-level of FX return input then I would start with the line-level loop out or main outs. And try different level settings there. The amp1 and amp2 outputs are more intended for instrument level inputs on guitar amps.

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