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Originally Posted by Akiz View Post
It is a hard call to be frank. Midi wise Cubase is great, always been, it was the first DAW with VST instruments and such (obviously).....but it became too cluttered with various unnesecery functions and menus and the GUI is getting worse with every update. Cubase takes so much time to boot, like Pro Tools..and then some more time to load the project.. Studio One is pretty fast on boot and project loading....the difference is huge.

It is much more than that, will need a huge post to elaborate why we chose it in the end. It checks some very important points for us, like no Annual Plans cr@p, AU, VST compatibility, ARA2 brilliant integration, Softube Console 1 excellent integration, can have more than one project opened at a time, mastering inside the same app (no need to even close the working project), drag 'n drop instruments/effects etc.
Some of that, are common to Cubase too, but Studio One made it for us because it's much more.

Of course it all comes down to personal taste and workflow. I still love to record and mix on Pro Tools but for production it is so behind of the rest... MIDI in Pro Tools, what a joke!


Thank you for the information. I agree with many points, including the graphical interface of Cubase, which sometimes makes Fisher Price or Mattel. I am however less hard than you on lunch in PT, less developed than in Cubase but which has its advantages. Graphically, it's clearer. The Tempo track is superb. The ability to create more real-time delays than in Cubase, which is too limited. The PT swing is very good too. But PT must succeed in integrating all the midi functions into a single window, with no drop-down menu. Now we have four or five stupid windows and we're wasting time. Cubase also does not display markers in its midi edition. Disability!

I'll look better Studio One, but with PT, Cubase, Samplitude and Reaper, the wallet is tired!

It's yours!
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