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Default Re: Recommendations for sub set-up and bass management?

Originally Posted by teklife View Post
I've recently upgraded my system to 5.1 and come to the realization that I have set up my sub incorrectly in addition to mixing improperly for the LFE channel. (sub was only receiving the LFE channel output and nothing else when mixing 5.1)

What would make the most sense for a proper sub set-up and bass management?

I'm using the Yamaha HS series sub, with HS8s for LCR and HS7s for rears.

Interface is Scarlett 18i20.

There is the focusrite control third party software as well for routing and custom channel mixes.

Pro Tools Ultimate 2018.12.0

Any help is appreciated,

Thank you.
Hi, Im not familiar with your Yamaha setup, but I had a look at your sub specs.

The role of a sub in a 5.1, 7.1, or whatever layout that comprises a .1 channel is to get the LFE discrete channel from your mix. To that extent, your setup was correct. But when you want the same sub that is receiving the LFE channel to also bass manage the remaining speakers in the kit, your going to need a system, either software or hardware that allows the two roles to be handled sharing the same sub main inputs on the cases that there is no separate/dedicated LFE input. As I understood, on your sub, you connect the LR outputs to the sub, and from there you connect your LR speakers. That leaves the rear and center channels out of bass management. So, in your set up, my recommendation would be to use the sub just for the LFE and forget about bass management, as it lacks the necessary I/O for connecting the remaining speakers other than LR.

Just as a reference and to better understand what Im saying, please check a sub that has all the I/O for bass management and LFE input:

Maybe theres other alternatives, but at the moment I cant figure it out.

Paulo M

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