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Default Re: iZotope Ozone Match EQ vs RX Match EQ

Originally Posted by noiseboyuk View Post
Match EQ is a fantastic workhorse for me in Post work. I routinely use it for matching a Boom mic to a Radio Mic, or an ADR VO. With the release of Ozone 9, I thought "great - now I can do all this right in Audio Suite within PT. No more need to back and forth".

Alas, unless I've not figured something out, this doesn't work in practice. The way Match EQ is implemented in Ozone is quite different in one respect - it is now a 2 stage processs, not a single stage one. In RX, I capture my reference, save as a preset, then throw literally anything at it and it just figures it out like magic. But now in the Ozone version, I need to recaputre the Apply To file for every bit of audio as it changes (radio mics sound very different in different scenarios, and of course VO mics sound different from both). If I just leave it set to my first settings, it doesn't reliablly get it right.

In practice, this is much more labaorious than the old method, so I'll be sticking to the RX incarnation. But important to stress - if you are using it in a context where there's a fixed reference AND a fixed Apply To, as you might well want to do in a music project, then its terrific.
Highlight reference clip: Capture Reference, hit preview :unclick Capture
Highlight Apply to clip: Capture Apply to, hit preview :unclick Capture
Fine tune
Bobs your Uncle.

Easier that back and forth to RX!!

Just used it on a show!!
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