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Default Questions about how to match multitrack audio with edited video

Hope some of you experienced guys can help me. I'm basically a serious hobbyist and I am ignorant in the various terminologies used in Post.

This should be fairly simple.

I have video edited a multi-camera live event in Final Cut Pro X. In this case it was a Christmas service at our church, that had some songs and speaking. Basically it was like editing a live concert, in that all cameras were rolling for the whole time (about an hour). The audio was a feed from our mixer, which I just used as a reference for editing.

For the sound, we made a multitrack recording via our digital mixer, which I have been mixing, and will serve as the final soundtrack, rather than the audio from the camera.

I had imported the master video and the audio (which I used to line up the sync) and it's all synchronized and everything is fine.

If I just wanted to match up the entire thing, there is no issue. However, what I want to do now is go back to the master video, and simply take out a few parts, for example, the offering, and a couple other things. It would be the video equivalent of shuffle mode, where I take out 5 minutes, and the remainder of the video moves left to close the gap. At those cuts I would use either a dissolve or fade to black to smooth the transitions.

What I'm wondering is once I'm done with that, what would I need to do for the Protools audio to match that newly edited video? Is this considered re-conforming? Would I need a plugin like Ediload? X2 Pro-Convert to convert to AAF? Or is there a simpler way, especially if we're only talking 2 or 3 cuts?

Also, slightly more complicated, what if I want to make the cuts, but then extend individual tracks for a few seconds where these overlap. For example, extend audience applause for a few more seconds so it doesn't abrubtly stop where a cut was made, etc.

In looking at these other plugins (X2, etc.), it seems that what they're doing is way more complicated than what I have, so it might be overkill.

Note that I am just trying to get the final audio to match up. I can import the video from FCPX and the audio mixdown from Protools, as long as they match, into a DVD authoring program to make a DVD. I don't really need to send the audio back to FCPX.

Thanks for any help.
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