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Default Re: Creating Layout with auto assigned track broken in Eucon 19.5

Originally Posted by BScout View Post
Why not use “scroll to track” if what your usage is for is just jumping to a track?

You can put that on a specific softkey with the track number to jump to a track as a macro.

Eucon>Scroll to track
KEY>”track number”
Good point. Just had a look at that. But unfortunately, I understand that since Pro Tools 12.8 scroll to track doesn't work with track number anymore.

Find Tracks with Ease using Scroll to Track in Pro Tools 12.8.2. In Pro Tools 12.8.2 Scroll to Track has been improved, giving you the ability to identify a track by name, rather than a number, and scroll to it in the Edit or Mix Window.
I just checked that and it seems that you can only search for names now and not for track numbers. The track names are changing in my sessions, so this is not a good workaround.

But thanks anyway!
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