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Originally Posted by Hugh-H View Post
We own several of the drive add-on kits for the Echo Express IIIR and out of the tin they are a bit noisier than the chassis. There are three fan noise sources in them -
- power supply fan, always on
- rear panel fan - temp controlled
- internal fan on rear of 3-bay drive chassis - temp controlled

I'm sure you're seeing where I'm going - these are all modifiable. Ours are pretty quiet.

Hi Hugh,

Thanks for the info on the III-R add-on kit fans.

If I were more adventurous I'd tackle replacing the power supply fan and the rear panel fan. I have the fan on the 4x 2.5" drive bay turned off - those were switchable - and since they were all SSD's I wasn't worried about heat.

I actually bought a quieter fan for my Avid I/O - might have to phone a more technologically gifted friend and void some warranties!
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