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Default Re: Avid VS Digidesign

Originally Posted by Shan View Post
I completely agree!! Digidesign was nothing but a group always in fear of change. At the end of the day, their ridiculous business policies had to get abandoned, as they were an epic fail that clearly didn't work. They did nothing but pi** off the user base BIG time. The new changes from Avid are worthy of applause. As far as Digidesign and it's old guard goes, good riddance to it. I hope to never see Digidesign and it's old modus operandi ever again. Digidesign, you were an epic fail that couldn't even deliver ADC in the decade that you were in control of PT LE. That's pretty pathetic to say the least. At least some of the fresh new crew at Avid can deliver to the requests of the users base, something Digidesign couldn't do whatsoever.

Gee Shane, do you have an opinion?

Of course I agree.
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