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Default PT 10.3.7: pre roll doesn't work

Hi forum

My PT 10.3.7 has been working perfectly in the last 7 years and I've recorded a lot of audio.
But suddenly the Pre roll stopped functioning. The button lights as green as ever, but it just starts recording without any pre roll.

I tried trashing the Database folder from the HD icon.
And from Preferences: deleted com.digidesign.protools.plist - ..lock file, DAE prefs, Digi setup.osx and Protools prefs.

But still no pre roll function.

Can you advice me how to solve this problem?


PT 10.3.7
OS 10.8.5
Digi 002 console
PT 10.3.7
iMac late 2014
OS X 10.8.5
Digi 002 console
Digi 003 rack (not in use)
Novation 25 sl mk 2 controller
Focusrite Platinum Voicemaster pro
AKG 451 C matched pair
AKG 414 C XLS matched pair
Sennheiser 406 T matched pair
Mackie HR824 mk2

lots of fine guitars

homestudio, retired guitar teacher, enjoying life and recording
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