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Default Re: PT 12.5.2 Offline Bounce - Different Levels after Bounce ??

Originally Posted by innenhofstudios View Post
mp3 is about 3 dB lower than the wav ???...
How are you measuring these differences? Peak meters? LUFS Momentary? LUFS Long Term? Do they *sound* like roughly the same level? If they don't then there may be something wrong with your encode workflow, but an mp3 will not *measure* the same as a WAV file (in particular peak/short term measurements will be wildly different in unpredictable ways) - you are after all throwing out considerable amounts of data.

Originally Posted by kava View Post
...full range pink noise clips after the reimport of the .mp3...
This is to be expected - one of the many reasons to leave headroom for an encode or decode pass. Lossy codecs (like mp3 / AAC) do not do well with full-level or heavily limited program.

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