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Default Re: Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 question

Originally Posted by VRW View Post
There is no guarantee of course like with any interface but basically the Generation 2 models seem to offer even better "behavior" in regards to latency.

A friend of mine bought and ran the smaller 2i2 Gen2 box a month ago with an i5 2012 MBP/16GB Ram and PT12.8.2 with many tracks on 64 samples
without any issues.

That was definitely not possible with the Gen1 version of the 2i2 and I could not do that with my 002/003R back in the days either.

I think Focusrite officially say that the Gen2 models offer even lower latency although itīs still "only" USB 2. May have improved the drivers. Whatever.

Fact is that the 18i20 is widely used by small to mid-sized studios around the world. And often used to record drums and other multiple sources at once.

Yet again. There's no guarantee it will work perfectly for your particular applications but chances are good that you can do the same like with your 002
still with a much better audio quality as for the converters and mic pres.

Another fact is that there is no other audio interface on the market offering that bunch of options and such high audio quality for such a low price. Means
for comparable products from other manufacturers you will have to pay a lot more than 500 bucks.


The best of success to you.

That’s exactly what I needed to know. Thank you!
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