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Default Re: Intel vs. AMD for Pro Tools

Originally Posted by CME View Post
That's what I was trying to say. Previously the least expensive cpu of the "E" series chips had 28 lanes. The others had 40. Now they've decided the 2 least expensive chips get 28. Instead of just one chip being "limited".

And I'm sure it's not an easy limit to get to. But I can see eventually running up to the limit as you add on accessories. Just give all the chips 40 lanes. Then you definitely wouldn't have to think about it. Unless you have some super rig. I just dislike things being "limited" to create more interest in higher cost parts. Let the number of cores and clock speed be the differentiator. That's plenty of difference in imo.
To get prices lowered though, things have to cut. If you are that serious of a user, less than 200$ more for 2 more cores and 40 lanes should not be an issue.

The best Ryzen only has 24 lanes. The chipset which also supplies separate PCIe lanes, which are basically the Southbridge lanes. This is actually what most peripherals connect to. Ryzen only supplies PCIe 2.0 instead of 3.0 specs like Intel. This is hitting users hard when trying to use M.2 (AMD based boards with 2 M.2 slots) or or a couple PCIe based drives, they are getting slower data transfer speeds. But Ryzen does not have Thunderbolt, so it mitigates some of the risk. Heavy gamers in SLI configs are also having issues with Ryzen due to the these.

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