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Default Re: Intel vs. AMD for Pro Tools

Originally Posted by Daniel_Cepeda View Post
I think it is the first time that I see "Intel" and "cheap" in the same sentence :P

I'd rather get an AMD Threadripper than an Intel i9. Simply because AMD's top processor will have only two cores less and price difference will probably be huge!
Intel is massively dropping there prices. The 10 core for example is coming down from 1800$ or 1000$ and the 6 core is dropping to well under 400$. They are also changing their release methods for lower/higher core count/chipsets. A big amount of information was just released on the new Intel lines, including information new processors, chipsets, sockets, release cycles, and pricing. They are denying it, but they seem to be possibly just underpricing and trying force AMD to go even lower to stay appealing.

We have never been able to compare Intel/AMD core for core. They are just function to different. Core per core, Intel has always had better performance. AMD just adds more cores cranks up clocking in response. The AMD's I owned in years past, I heated my house with they ran so hot!!

There will still be reasons to stay with Intel though, such as needing Thunderbolt support and any variance of using OSX on your system (even in VM"s) will require Intel. AMD has never been able to hang on long when Intel buckles down and takes it serious. It will be interesting to see if they have anymore luck this go around.

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