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Default Re: HD3 3rd card not recognized

I will try you suggestion just because you 're so nice to spend the time writing the step by step instructions. That's classy.
I know however that all my 3 cards and the 2 flex strip works fine since I have them right now working on my old mac pro (Woodcrest 2.66Ghz x 4).
The transfer to the new Nehalem Mac Pro is what gives me the problem. Also some time ago I returned another Mac Pro 2.8 Ghz to sweetwater because the same problem happened. I thought I had a faulty PCIe. How can I have the same problem twice with 2 new computer? The one on Sweetwater worked fine on returned. I just cannot see how can I have a faulty card when its already working ? returning the present nehalem makes no sense either.Now Im gonna copy your instruction and back to work (Third day)
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