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Default Monitoring Macros

Let's explore a few simple shortcuts by creating macros for monitoring functions with S6 & MTRX. I've added a few new entries into the User Soft Keys, however you can place them anywhere on the surface that makes sense. These are simple efficiency switches for changing sources and destinations for the Control Room which is part of your DADman Monitor Profile. The 2 Macros are composed of Surface Soft Keys and are as follows:

DVS + 2.1:
Change the Control Room Input to Dante Virtual Soundcard and the Output to 2.1 - which is Left / Right plus some Bass Managed LFE.

RMU + Atmos:
Change the Control Room Input to Atmos (MADI Speaker outputs from the RMU) and the Output to Atmos - which is 7.1.4 using MTRX DA's.

For my particular Monitor Profile, the Main EUCON output is Atmos - 7.1.4, Alt1 is 5.1 and Alt2 is 2.1. Your ordering and allocation may vary - so assign appropriately. If necessary, it would also be possible to add a 3rd function to the Macro to engage a FoldDown for example.

Jeff Komar
Applications Specialist, Pro Audio
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