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Default SETTING LEVELS...Unity Gain..?

Can anyone point me in the right direction for info about setting "unity gain..?" levels for my Home Studio?

I'm using ProTools M-Powered on a PC / Windows XP Pro with an M-Audio Delta 1010-Lt soundcard going into a Yamaha MG 16/4 desk and then into Behringer active monitor speakers.

The Behringers have treble / bass cut switches on the back, as well as a switch to tune the overall sound to the room, and they also have an "output" level control on each speaker so you can reduce the overall level.

The problem is that I'm not sure how to get a good setting between the PC audio / Delta 1010 card / Yamaha desk / and Behringer monitors. Where do I start.

I've been working with the setup for a few months, and basically I have to keep the output faders quite low, to the point that I hardly get a reading on the desk meters...are you confused yet?

It's not that I can't hear things....more to the contrary. I'd like to know the proper way to get the optimum levels set.

Any suggestions appreciated in advance...
PT MP 7.3.1cs3,Delta 1010LT,Yamaha MG16/4, AudioTechnica 20/20,Behrenger C2 Mics,Shure SM58,Windows XP Pro,P45G Chipset,P4 3Ghz,2Gb RAM
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