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I was in a similar situation with 10.3.9 and PTLE 6.7. I jumped in with both feet to 10.4.3 and PTLE7, and have hardly a bruise to show for it. It was a lot more stressful than it ended up needing to be (if that makes sense...).

Here are a couple of pointers:
1. you'll need to upgrade your PTLE Digirack plugins (and BF plugins) after you install v7, and you'll probably need to upgrade several of your 3rd party plugins if you have any (such as Waves, Ivory, and a few others). You'll just need to check the manufacturer's web site for compatibility with PTLE v7 to see. The old plugins still seemed to work, they just weren't optimized for the dual-processor capabilities of v7.

2. Make sure your admin account works prior to starting the upgrade to Tiger.

3. Back up any really important emails - I seemed to have lost a bunch of older ones in Panther Mail the header was still there, but the body of the email disappeared. That seemed to be the only reall "problem". I don't like the Tiger email program as well, but that's a minor niggle since I don't use my Mac for general email, only for Mac-specific emails such as Digidelivery.

4. Definitely do the Tiger upgrade first. It takes about 45 minutes but is pretty much click and let it run after the first few screens.

5. I believe I had to download a new version of Jam 6 (or Toast - don't remember).

The good news is that CoreAudio seems to work with just about everything: iTunes, Jam, Toast, GarageBand, Reason, etc.

The basic system was up and running about 2 hours after I inserted the Tiger boot disk - not too bad.

PTLE8/002r;OS 10.6.4 2 x 2.26Ghz quadcore,6GB RAM, Waves Platinum, many other plugins...
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