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hello everybody...

i am having trouble getting Midi input in to pro tools free via a midi sport 2x2. The thing is I can get midi input in to other apps such as Tokyo and Reaktor via the midisport, and OMS 2.3.8 "midi recieved" my controller and recognises the short it all works except in Pro tools.

Heres my set up:

g3 500 powerbook 192mb ram
midisport 2x2
Emu Launch Pad midi controller.
oms 2.3.8
midisport 1.1.2 installer
usb floppy enabler 2.1.2

*have removed opcode MIDIport 32 OMS driver as recomended on midiman web site*
*have disabled apple serial dma driver**
**In pro tools i have checked my midi input devices : midisport, port1, port 2.
*I have a midi track up and have record enabled it, (selecting tokyo as the output)*

. And I get no midi input showing on the pro tools meter. Very strange as it all works fine in Reaktor and Tokyo alone. But strangley after quiting pro tools I cannot get midi into Reaktor or Tokyo untill I re-boot the mac.

playing pro tools midi out info does flash the lights on the midi man, there just seems to be a problem getting controller info in.

again I have enabled the midisport ports that I am using as an input device in pro tools.

if anyone's been here, or if Bruce has got a tip, I would greatly appreciate any hints to fix this.


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