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Default Re: Noob control surface questions!

I would also go used. Artist Mix can be found for $500-600 and S3 can be had used for around $3K. Depending on your real needs, you might get away with some even cheaper options(Behringer X-Touch and expanders, or maybe Presonus Faderport)
Yeah, I looked at the Presonus Faderport too...kind of reminiscent of a Command|8.
I hear y'all re: the Artist Mix and I'd prefer an Avid branded product for the piece of mind that would bring in terms of integration with the application (and support). But again, I had a prior experience in which Eucon was kind of sketchy (but also again, that may be irrelevant now) and the Faderport and Icon products basically offer more bang for less buck in terms of transport controls, assignable buttons, etc.

Thanks for the responses y'all!
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