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Default Re: Takamine Disaster II - Resurrection!

Originally Posted by xrekcor View Post
... amazes me that the manufacturer didn't come to the party....
Actually, they did. Kinda.

The store I originally bought the instrument from has since changed ownership and no longer carries the Takamine brand. So that wasn't an option.

The Yurpian distributor apparently doesn't deal directly with private customers. They do not provide a way to contact them. Also, not an option.

So, I emailed Takamine Japan directly. And promptly got an answer; apologies for the inconvenience and an offer to repair without any charge.
I then proceeded to thank them politely for their timely response and expressed my appreciation for the concern they showed for this distraught plucker. Domo arigato!

However, after I provided Takamine San with requested info on my location & whereabouts in the world the line went quite dead.
I suppose something could have gone wrong with the handing off of the matter to the regional distributor.
I can even imagine a junior head office employee getting his/her butt kicked by the floor manager for making promises to some Gajin strummer half a world away they couldn't possibly hope to fulfill...

Who knows? Anyway, that's when I had my 'Red Guitar' moment and -literally- closed the case.
Until a gal I know said she knew a guy... So now I've got a new friend and my resurrected, 'Jon Snurr Special' twelve string is back in the game.

For all we know -Dave be praised!- this could very well be the best of all possible outcomes.

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