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Default Re: Volume automation greyed out?


I know this is years later. But I think it will be a great fact if it happens again. I'm running pro tools 2018 on PC. I just got the same error. I was toggling automation on and of with ctrl+click over the automation and somehow I got the same error on one of my tracks. It's a pro tools bug that hasn't been solved yet. The volume automation kept gray and was like off. I tried duplicating the track but the same error was duplicated on the track.

Work Around:
- Open a new track.
- The track with the problem, put in waveform under the track's name, instead of on the volume automation.
- Copy the waveform and paste it into the new track. Automations are copied, but the problem with the automation is solved, in the new track it's not grayed for ever.
- Copy any inserts and/or sends you had on the track with the automation problem.
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