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Default Re: UAD Console & Protools BEST PRACTICES

Hey there, i to recently switched to an Apollo twin interface and love tracking on it with a mac and the latest pro tools and i have all my tracks outputting into Console's virtual 1-2 and then I'll print a stereo audio track with virtual 1-2 as the input and maybe a light mastering ,dynamic plugin on it..i have 'verb and delay ,vox fx as aux tracks with individual tracks being bussed into them etc..i configured pro tools, playback engine LLM etc as per the UA set up guide etc but it seems like when i write fade outs , automation etc. in PT it doesn't happen?not working.. wonder if after i print the stereo track i should switch back the playback engine etc and go back to PT only ? or something ?I trackinstruments , vocals thru Console into Pro Tools then mix routed into Console ,back into PT via Console sends and i kind of like utilizing the 'Oxide Tape' plug in as an insert in Console however.. i apologize, i'm more of a bassist/muso then engineer but i was always able to draw fade outs and write automation with fx , pans etc before using Console!..I'm probably missing something so basic ,i realize i do have a bit of the 'Dumb' but i can't find the answer anywhere! most not be asking the right question !guess in a nut's shell can you route audio into Console then back into PT via sends and utilize the fade outs and automation as i print in PT? so i can then bounce it to disk and email MP3's to my phone , laptop etc for listening in the car etc? thank you very much for your time! and hopefully understanding haha sincerely , stumped in Burbank JPF
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