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Default Re: HD cards with two sync connectors

There are 2 formats of HD cards, the newer PCIe and the older PCI. The PCI HD cards have the PCIX form factor, but the extra row of pins is not actually used, so they will fit and function in a PCI slot.

For PCI you have:
HD core
HD process
HD accel

The core and process cards have about half the power of an accel (similar to a MiX farm vs DSP farm). There are also some plugins that require accel to run.

All PCIe HD cards (core or farm) were accel. The ideal rig for HD imho is a 2009 or newer Mac Pro with Hd3 PCIe and pro tools 10, or if you want Hd6 you’d need the magma PE6R4-I chassis(the ONLY PCIe to PCIe chassis that was approved by digi). The used prices on PCIe are so cheap these days I don’t think it’s worth going with a PCI HD setup.
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